CKLN Radio is Organizing a Multiple Sclerosis Charity Concert

msMany of our loyal listeners know Robin Jones. She has been with the station for many years and started volunteering here as a college student. Robin has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS). Everyone here is really upset and wondering what we can do to help. Thankfully Robin has awesome health insurance through her husband’s work. We talked to Robin about how the station can help and she said she wanted to raise awareness. Continue Reading →

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Losing Many Great Jazz Musicians

jazzWe recently ran a tribute to Jazz and this was one of our most popular segments on the radio. In fact, we expanded the playlist and did two full days of Jazz. Here is a download of the history of Jazz and why we are losing many of the great ones.

United States is home to many popular musicians and bands along with some of the craziest fans in the world. Together they contribute $15 billion to the American economy, which constitutes 30 percent of the global music revenue. Although fans have patronized different genres of music over the years, no other type of music has represented American culture more than Jazz. Continue Reading →

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Talk Show Recap: The Rising Cost of Education

educationcostWe had a lively discussion about the cost of education on the show last week. Going by the response my show got last week, I can safely state that college tuition is the number one issue impacting students across United States. Agreeably, their fears are not baseless. University of Washington increased its tuition by almost 150 percent between 2003 and 2013. This is five times the rate of inflation during the same period of time. Continue Reading →

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We Have A Health Reporter Coming On The Show Next Week

Our guest has interesting views on fish oil supplements and vitamin supplements

Next week we’ll be having a new guest on the show. Someone who’s never been on before but who we will welcome with open arms. He is a reporter and commentator on everything to do with keeping healthy.

His name is John Elderton and he holds some slightly controversial views on staying healthy. For instance he is a huge advocate of maintaining good health by taking vitamins and minerals and other supplements such as fish oil and Omega 3 supplements, vitamin D supplements and more.

Of course he is also a huge advocate of staying healthy by maintaining a healthy diet and also doing plenty of exercise. These days none of that is controversial. In fact it’s pretty much now accepted by mainstream authorities that diet and exercise have a huge role in staying healthy.

However what is more controversial are his views on supplements like fish oil and vitamin supplements. Some medical professionals maintain that supplements such as vitamin and mineral supplements, vitamin D supplements and fish oil supplements are little more than hocus-pocus, and a waste of money.

In fact to John has written a number of newspaper articles recently suggesting that most of us should be taking fish oil supplements. He has outlined his reasons why he holds that view in those articles.

According to John, and a lot of other medical researchers, most Americans are now deficient in omega 3 fats. The reason is that omega 3 fats come from fish, and most of us are eating very little fish now.

Many people are deficient in Omega 3

Studies have shown that populations of people who eat large amounts of fish have much lower rates of many lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

Studies with Eskimos have demonstrated that they have particularly low levels of cardiovascular disease and some other lifestyle diseases common to those of us in the US.

And John has carefully examined much of the research about the health benefits of increasing the amount of fish oil in your diet, for the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil, and has found significant amounts of research that demonstrates that most of us have levels of omega 3 fats that are way too low.

According to John taking a fish oil supplement reduces your risk of heart attack. This is also supported by the American Heart Association. However John also points to research which demonstrates that increasing your intake of fish oil reduces your risk of a whole range of other diseases as well.

John is also a big advocate of vitamin D supplements. Particularly the younger generation, who are now spending much of their time indoors, are deficient in vitamin D as much of our vitamin D comes from exposure to the sun, and without sufficient exposure to the sun our skin is unable to produce sufficient vitamin D.

Will be very interested to see what John has to say about staying healthy. We feel sure that his views will produce some interesting reactions among our listeners and we welcome feedback from our listeners during the show. Any listeners are encouraged to text questions to John which hopefully he will be able to answer during the show.

It should be a great show, we are looking forward to it.

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